About Octanis

We are fascinated by big interdisciplinary challenges and we see it as our duty to inspire others. We believe that success originates primarily from discipline, attitude and ability. In that order. At Octanis, we incubate small hobbies into big, successful and open-to-all projects.

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What we want to achieve.

A project begins with a suggestion from a member. Usually this happens at an Octanis meeting on a Wednesday evening. This formal proposal can be a simple presentation or a prototype "show-n-tell". If other members are convinced, ressources can be allocated to the project and the project is given 18 months time to grow up. It is expected that the person who first presented the project will be the projects lead. This process is our form of incubation.

The open part of "open incubator" goes even deeper and encapsulates Octanis' core values. Every project and member at Octanis must live by these values. We believe strongly that these values can help us innovate quickly and sustainably.


We are fascinated by big interdisciplinary challenges and we see it as our duty to inspire others. We believe that success originates primarily from motivation, attitude and ability. We are enlightened by the UNs Global Goals.


We use off-the-shelf affordable components wherever we can. It's not worth trying to build something for everyone if nobody can afford the parts to make it. Even in mass production, things that don't have to be custom, shouldn't be.


Everything we produce is published in a way so that anyone can reuse or build upon our work. On the other hand, we understand the confidentiality of some items we deal with and make sure to stay within the bounds.


Not only are we learning a great deal ourselves in every project we do, but we also commit to educating willing persons on practical and theoretical subjects, so they too are enabled to build something with little help.

Our Latest Projects
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Who we are.

We are a diverse bunch of people from a variety of backgrounds. A lot of us attend or have attended one of the Swiss Federal Institutes of Technology. We all contribute in different ways to different projects within Octanis. Most members have one work area that they do very well and another that is a bit crazy and experimental! We all like to challenge each other and sometimes we stay late or come in on weekends. After all, there's an unlimited supply of coffee!

The Comittee serves the members by providing direction, guiding projects, organising workshops and events, and taking care of administrative duties.

Association Members & Committee

President (Committee), Mission Lead «Octanis 1»

Vice President (Committee), HW/SW dev for «Octanis 1»

Treasurer (Committee), HW/SW dev for «Octanis 1»

Events/Com (Committee), Life Sciences in «Octanis 1»

Beat, Resident, HW/SW dev for «Octanis 1»

Pamela, Resident, Events for «Octanis 1»

Eloi, Resident, SW dev for «Octanis 1»

Ana, Resident, SW dev for «Octanis 1»

Alejandra, Resident, HW/SW dev for «Octanis 1»

Loïc, «Le Village» Project Lead

Mick, «Le Village» Architect

Riccardo, Resident

Nicolas, SW dev for «Octanis 1», Resident

Nawel, SW dev for «Octanis 1», Resident

External Contributors

Josef Lefevre,
Software development for «Octanis 1»

Johannes Wüthrich,
Software & Photography for «Octanis 1»

Jan Hug,
Design & Photography for «Octanis 1»

Georges Hattab,
Donation to «Octanis 1»

Ryan McKay,
Donation to «Octanis 1»

Daniel Steudler,
Donation to Octanis Association

Sven Borden,
Software development for «Octanis 1»

Michael Spieler,
Software development for «Octanis 1»

Jeroen Buitendijk,
Software/Hardware development for «Octanis 1»

Omar Benjelloun,
Software development for «Octanis 1»

Ricardo Camilo,
Software development for «Octanis 1»

Sofia Oliveira,
Software development for «Octanis 1»